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亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载-A senior Apple executive said on Tuesday that the company would return more capital to shareholders if US tax laws were relaxed and played down the likelihood that the company would use its excess cash to create new American manufacturing jobs.苹果(Apple)一名高管周二回应,如果美国放开税法,该公司将向股东归还更加多资金。他还淡化了苹果利用其不足的现金为美国建构新的制造业岗位的可能性。

The comments by Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, could put the company on a collision course with the Trump administration, which hopes to boost US jobs through tax cuts and concessions aimed at getting companies such as the tech group to repatriate cash stranded in overseas accounts.苹果首席财务官卢卡?马埃斯特里(Luca Maestri)的这番言论,可能会令其该公司南北特朗普(Trump)政府的对立面——特朗普政府期望通过增税和一些目的推展苹果等科技企业把不存在海外账户的资金汇回国内的优惠措施,来提振美国的低收入。Mr Maestri’s comments came as Apple stock hit another new high.马埃斯特里公开发表上述言论之际,苹果股价再度刷新新纪录。Asked at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in San Francisco what the top priority would be if the tax rate was lowered, allowing the company to repatriate some of its $230bn in overseas funds, the Apple CFO said it would give “additional flexibility around our capital return activities”.在旧金山举办的一次高盛(Goldman Sachs)投资者大会上,有人问马埃斯特里,若税率减少、令其苹果需要将其不存在海外的2300亿美元资金中的一部分汇回国内,苹果最优先考虑到的事项将是什么。

这位首席财务官问道,那将“给我们归还资金的活动带给更加多灵活性”。Later in the interview, he suggested that it would be difficult for Apple to increase its manufacturing base in the US, which is one of President Donald Trump’s key policies. “Essentially the supply chain for the tech industry is not in the US today,” Mr Maestri said.他在后来的专访中似乎,对苹果而言,不断扩大在美国的生产基地将是艰难的。而不断扩大制造业正是美国总统唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)的关键政策之一。“如今,科技业的供应链基本上都不出美国,”马埃斯特里说道。


The Apple executive also rejected the idea of a border adjustment tax, which has also won support from the Trump administration..这位苹果高管还驳斥了税边界调整税的主意,这项主意也夺得了特朗普政府的反对。“It is very hard for us to imagine that a border tax would be good for the US economy,” Mr Maestri said. “It is a tax that would end up burdening the end consumer. It presupposes as an idea that the dollar would have to appreciate very significantly from where it is today, which is already too strong.”“我们很难想象边境税不会给美国经济带给什么益处,”马埃斯特里说道,“它是一项最后不会减轻终端消费者开销的税。它意味著美元将被迫从当前的价位大幅度贬值,而美元当前早已过分强势了。”With a potentially detrimental impact to US competitiveness and jobs, he added, “it doesn’t feel like that would be a positive outcome”.他接着说道,这可能会给美国的竞争力和低收入带给危害的影响,“感觉不像能获得大力的结果”。


One way for Apple to avoid being hit by such a tax change would be to increase the scale of its US manufacturing. Mr Maestri said it was “very, very difficult to speculate at this point” on the Trump administration’s policies in that area.为回避这种税改带给的冲击,苹果可以不断扩大其美国生产活动的规模。马埃斯特里回应,苹果“此时此刻很难推断”特朗普政府在这方面的政策。“One of the points that we are making in Washington is the fact that we have been a very large contributor to the US economy during the last decade,” he said, spending billions of dollars in local investment and creating some 2m jobs in app developers and US-based component suppliers. “It’s important to keep that in mind,” Mr Maestri said.他回应,“我们在华盛顿明确提出的一个论点是,过去十年我们为美国经济作出了相当大的贡献”,在国内投资上花上了数十亿美元,在美国建构了大约200万个应用于研发和零部件供应岗位。