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The tech sector is booming, and were experiencing game-changing innovations, like self-driving cars and virtual reality, firsthand.科技日新月异,我们亲眼着许多革命性的技术创新,比如无人驾驶汽车,虚拟现实等等就是近在咫尺的例子。Of course many of these developments are still in their nascence, which means the time is ripe for aspiring techies to get in on the ground floor and steer these discoveries in the right direction.当然这些新技术中许多还在跟上阶段,这意味著这些新兴技术开始勃发的时机早已成熟期,人们应当引领它们转入准确的轨道。

To get you started, here are five of the most important new technologies out there and how you can explore them:作为入门讲解,如下是五种已经常出现的最重要的新技术,以及你自学探寻它们的方法:1. Virtual Reality虚拟现实Virtual Reality, or VR, has been around since as early as the 1960s, but its only recently become a major powerhouse in the tech sector as more companies explore its potential for futuristic entertainment.虚拟现实,或全称VR,早在20世纪60年代就早已问世了,但告诉最近它才沦为科技领域的一股大潮流,原因是更加多的公司尝试在未来娱乐业中充分发挥它的潜力。In fact, with Facebook buying Oculus (the creators of the Oculus Rift headset) for more than US$2 billion, its clear that industry leaders see major potential in VR.脸书网以多达20亿美元的巨资卖给了Oculus公司(发明者Oculus Rift头盔的公司),由此看来,行业巨头们实质上都对虚拟现实技术十分寄予厚望。2. Machine Learning机器学习Machine learning is the study of pattern recognition and prediction within the field of computer science, and its chiefly responsible for the strides made with self-driving cars and speech-recognition technology, like Siri.机器学习是计算机科学的一个分支,即研究模式识别与模式预测。

它主要负责管理无人驾驶汽车的道路建设,以及Siri这样的语音辨识技术。So, it should come as no surprise that machine learning experts are in high demand. Pick up the Complete Machine Learning Bundle, and you can get one step closer to a nearly six-figure salary by mastering the tools these professionals use to build tomorrows AI innovations.所以,并不令人深感车祸的是,机器学习专家十分炙手可热。自学了涉及科学知识,你就能操控起那些专家们建构明日科技所用于的工具,也就能离将近六位数的薪水更加将近一步了。

3. Ethical Hacking道德黑客Everyone is at risk of getting hacked online, but companies are getting hit particularly hard by malicious cybercriminals, which is why many are taking their security into their own hands and offering big paydays for those who can keep their products secure.人人都面对着被网络黑客攻击的危险性,但大公司不受这些恶魔的网络罪犯之厌最为惨重。这就是为什么许多公司不愿花大价钱确保自己的产品安全,将安保工作掌控在自己手中。In fact, Facebook has paid out more than US$5 million to ethical hackers who have uncovered and reported vulnerabilities in its site before they can be exploited.事实上,脸书网早已花费多达500万美金聘用道德黑客,后者则为它寻找了网站上的薄弱环节,并趁其仍未被利用时汇报给了老板。


4. Blockchain Technology区块链技术Most commonly associated with Bitcoin, blockchain technology allows developers to create decentralised apps that boast unrivaled security and transparency on the web - which makes it great for cyrptocurrencies like Bitcoin.区块链技术主要和比克币涉及,它让应用于开发人员需要研发出有具备无与伦比的安全性和网页透明度的去中心化应用于——对比克币这样的加密货币十分简单。5. Internet of Things物联网In laymans terms, the Internet of Things is the idea of essentially connecting any device with an on/off switch thats linked to the internet, which can give way to pretty neat innovations, like an alarm clock that tells your coffee machine to start brewing coffee when it wakes you up in the morning.用通俗的话来说,物联网的理念即通过网络让任何电器——一切有进/关键的东西——相互连接。这让许多精妙的造物沦为有可能,例如一只闹钟可以告诉他你的咖啡机,它叫你睡觉的时间到了,该熬咖啡了。