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亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载|Social media can be a large time-waster. Many people spend much of their day tweeting, liking, and posting status updates.社交媒体可以浪费你很多时间。很多人花很多时间放微博、特注目、改版状态。It has forever changed the way the world communicates. Yet, as much as it can waste time, it can also be a great productivity booster. Are you using social media for productivity or procrastination?社交网络永久地转变了世界交流的方式。然而,社交媒体可以浪费时间,也可以沦为提高效率的强劲助推器。

你是用社交媒体来提高效率呢还是拖延时间呢?Tool or Time Sink?是工具还是去找时间?We usually think of social media as a time sink. Something that takes up time and allows you to procrastinate throughout your day.我们一般来说指出社交媒体不会花费大量的时间。它不会花费你很多时间,使你每天的任务大大推迟。

There is no doubt that many people use it to pass the time in their day. Yet, when used for good, it can be a powerful productivity tool.毫无疑问,许多人是用社交媒体来去找时间。然而,如果用于得宜,它可以沦为提高效率的强劲工具。Social Media: Productivity vs. Procrastination社交媒体:提高效率 VS 拖延时间In a world where ideas, communication, and speed are increasingly valuable, social media excels. Granted, social media isn’t going to write that report for you, or analyze that spreadsheet. Nor is it going to perform that manual labor task.在一个点子、交流和速度都更加有价值的世界里,社交媒体的优点脱颖而出。

当然,社交媒体无法老大你写出报告或者分析电子表格,它也无法老大你已完成那些体力劳动。However, there are many ways social media can help you get work done, develop new ideas, or just get feedback. In all of these areas, social media can save you time.但是,社交媒体仍然可以通过很多办法来老大你已完成工作,搜索新的点子或者获得对系统。在所有这些方面,社交媒体都可以老大你节约时间。

Here are 7 Ways Social Media Can Make You More Productive:下面就是社交媒体让你更加有效率的7种方式:1. Seek Advice1. 谋求建议Need advice on a topic? Social media can provide rapid tips, thoughts, and input. It is a great way to cast a large net, instead of just getting the singular opinion of the person in the cubicle next to you. Of course, depending on the matter, you have to know who you are listening to and trusting. Other times, it can be a great way to get a quick point in the right direction.必须某个话题的建议?社交媒体可以很快为你获取小贴士、点子以及输出。利用社交媒体创建一张大网是个不俗的办法,而不是意味着征询你旁边那个人单一的建议。当然,根据事项有所不同,你必需确切你该听得谁说道,该信任谁。此外,社交媒体还可以协助你在准确的方向上很快寻找切入点。


2. Solve Problems2. 解决问题When you can’t solve a problem by yourself, ask the world. For example, a while back I was having a problem with a piece of software. I had googled and googled and couldn’t find a solution. I put the problem out on my social media channels. Within twenty minutes, a gentleman from Sweden (with whom I had never communicated previously) sent me a link to the answer. Simple, yet powerful stuff.当你自己无法解决问题一个问题时,问问这个世界。比如说,我曾多次在一款软件上遇上了问题,我用谷歌侦啊侦也没寻找解决办法。于是我把这个问题零担了我的社交媒体上。

将近2平台首页最新版下载0分钟,一位来自瑞典的先生(我之前从不了解)发给我一个链接告诉他了我答案。就是这么非常简单这么得意。3. Reach Companies3. 认识公司Companies that are social media savvy are serving their customers in new and efficient ways. Twitter is one of my favorite ways to reach companies that I deal with. Instead, of getting on the phone and being on hold for endless minutes, I can send a tweet in seconds. A 5-second tweet can get me assistance on my upcoming flight. Anytime, anywhere.擅于利用社交媒体的公司正在用新的有效地的方式为客户们获取服务。Twitter是我最喜欢的和公司做事的方式之一。

不必打入电话后承受无休止的等候,我几秒钟就可以放一条tweet。花5秒钟放一条tweet就能老大我查找到下一班航班,而且没时间地点的容许。4. Get Feedback4. 获得对系统Have an idea and need some input or feedback? Ask your social media audience. Often, you don’t even have to ask for feedback. Just put an idea out there and see how much response and sharing it gets.有一个点子,必须获得输出或对系统?问问你的社交媒体上的听众吧。


一般来说情况下你甚至不必须告知他们来取得对系统。你只必须把你的点子公布出来,然后想到不会获得多少对此和共享。5. Find Ideas5. 找寻点子Whether it is for your business, blog, or hobby, there has never been an easier time to find ideas. Want to know what people are thinking, talking about, or have passion for? You have a searchable stream of consciousness at your fingertips. A friend of mine determines his blog post topics by searching for keywords on Twitter and seeing what people are asking about.不论是为你的做生意、博客还是兴趣,根本没像现在社交媒体这样更容易寻找点子。


6. Communicate with a Broad Audience6. 和更加普遍的听众交流Social media allows individuals greater power than ever to communicate with a large audience. It used to be you had to go through a publisher or big media company. Authors, speakers, experts, can now reach their audience directly, immediately, and in most cases for free.社交媒体为个人获取了比过去更大的能力来和普遍的听众交流。过去你必需通过出版商或者大型媒体公司才能做。而现在,作者、演讲者和专家可以必要较慢地认识到他们的听众,而且大部分情况下是免费的。7. Quick Communication7. 较慢交流There is something special about the brevity of social media. Take Twitter. There is magic in those 140 characters. If you tried that with your email, your recipients would think you were nuts. (Of course, email is for a slightly different purpose.)社交媒体的结尾是有类似意义的。

比如说Twitter(还有微博),短短140字就具备魔力。如果你用电子邮件放某种程度的内容,你的收件人大约不会指出你傻了(当然,电子邮件的目的又有有所不同)。Social Media isn’t all about procrastination. It one of the most powerful technologies of our time. So, the next time someone tells you that you are wasting time on social media, tell them that you are being more productive.社交媒体并不都会让你拖延时间,它是我们这个时代最强劲的技术之一,所以,如果下次有人对你说道你在社交媒体上浪费时间,告诉他他们你比之前更加有效率了。Of course, that may not fly with your boss.当然,还是别让老板告诉的好。